Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Five weeks you say?

So I have given myself a challenge. I have decided to delay my Executioners project by a few monthes, till after Adepticon. I will be attempting to finish enough spaces wolves for the Darkstar GT in the twin cities in the beginning of March, and then for Adepticon.

 So I have begun my first unit of Grey Hunters. You can see down below the first five, then the next five and their ride which took some body shop work. If I have time at the end and have reached my goal I will go back and redo the plasma guns. Now let's see how well I do over the next month.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The ancient

So with it feeling more like Fenris then Minnesota outside I figured I better stop dragging my feet and post again. With it reaching the -40s here the warriors of Fenris would be at home. This is my first dreadnought for my space wolves. Using the metal Bjorn model that I have had for some time. Bjorn will be represented by a forgeworld model I got through good luck, whom is a little down the road. You can see him here at the end with some lucky young kids.

The last picture there is a color test to see how some marines would turnout. Though I wanted to finish more wolves first before starting my big project the release of the codex and a Badab war campaign here in the cities has forced my hand.