Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Waagghh! Fest prep

And the finished landraider stormbringer! Well it's not actually done yet, I have to finish the chipping/scratches. But close enough. 

With some camera flash the interior.

Now for Waagghh! Fest I'm adding another wolf guard, well he is stepping in for another pack member. He is the first model I've got to finish for the event.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Well this took awhile.

Finally posting on here again, adepticon and whatever else I guess drained me. I also was just lazy on getting writing here. 

Now since I last posted before Darkstar I still had to finish my landraider, well done in the nick'o time. I painted the chooser of the slain at fantasy flight that morning as others came in. Since then I have finished some blood claw bikers, which took way too long. Now I'm working on finishing a couple character models, a drop pod, and a proper display board before Waagghh! Fest June 28th. 

Mr. JJ Virnala asked me to guest post on his blog so I will also be posting weekly on 

Hopefully this keeps me on my toes, now the photos.