Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Clowns & Robots

So I'm setting into three of the large projects before fairly well, keeping momentum in all. First the harlequins. 

Here we have the next four finished except for the basing, which I'll do once the next three are done.

Next we have a mechanicus army I will be assembling for my friend Jake, which he will then send off to some foreign bloke. That's what they call each other over there, or at least what I've learned from television. I decided to start nice and easy, with the thralls. Three pieces including the base. 

Most of the arms required me to boil water, and refit the arms. Dipping the arms by holding the gun barrel and a few seconds, ready to go. Insert on to the body, squeeze, dip in cold water, and you've got a nice fit, already to go.

Lastly terrain for the Renegade Open, as master of all things foam, and paint for the event I have a lot to do before the first weekend of December. But I do have minions this, and a better pre-determined path. In total I want to have ninety pieces done to make us fully independent, no burrowed pieces. On that path I finally got a hot wire cutter yesterday. It isn't the fanciest one but it should speed up some process. Here we see my early experiments working on my form.

On a final note here is a link to the Realms of Chaos 80s blog. This post is a collection of photos of Tony Acklands art from a recent old hammer event in England. Mr. Acklands madness brought forth with pencil, an example of one of the depraved minds that created the greatness of warhammer. Games Workshop's artist today simply have too much sanity.