Monday, September 12, 2016

Siege of the Place of Thorns, Adepticon 2016

Day two, and the Siege of the Palace of Thorns!

Now I have run a few of these narrative apocalypse games, this one is the best yet. To tote my own horn, cause what else is a blog for? Everything went according to plan. The players doing exactly what I wanted them to unbeknownst to them. 
Deployment was timed, and turns were half and hour, allowing us to finish ahead of schedule. The game was also most importantly the game was never one sided, going till the last combat, in the last assault phase. 
I ran the game off of the scenario in imperial armour 9. There was only a few updates to a few rules or features which didn't transfer over well from 5th. Huron was the main objective as well as two objective  behind the fortress wall. I also added objectives on the battle field which were progressively scored. This made loyalest do more then just rush the wall, and the secesstionist sit behind it.

Here we have the secessionist deployment, but where is the Tyrant of Badab?

Loyalist forces. 

A shoot of no mans land.

Loyalist air cavalry entires play, and the smoke plumes start to get used. I ran out around the forth turn, I had brought eighteen with me.

The perspective of a Titan. 

The fighting in the ruined urban area is left mostly in loyalist hands with small pockets of resistance so they used one of there stratagems to redeploy the inquisitorial contingent.  

The tower section where Lugft Huron and his retinue where hidden is collapsed. They must now hold the loyalist spearhead at bay.  

Huron stands atop the rubble as the wave of bodies crash.

Holding the tide, he attempts to make his withdrawel. But is met by the elite of the sons of Corax. He weathers the assault, and stands beaten but not yet broken, surviving the sixth and final turn the Tyrant of Badab escapes into the maelstrom.