Monday, May 25, 2015

Adepticon day 2, Badab War

Here we have a golden demon entry from last year, from Tyler Mengel. So happy he brought for the crystal brush competition, since then I got to see it. 

Here we have a selection of the tables I built for the event, and some of the action that took place. I changed up the tables after every game to reflect the mission and its corresponding historical event.

This was my favorite table and mission of the event "The Angstorm Incident"

And here we have Tyler's completed astral claws at the time. He will be helping a little for next years two day event. I may also be helping him with a related project in the near future as well.

And we have the first harlequin I'm working on for my friend Andrew.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Adepticon day 2, Zone Mortalis

The second day of Adepticon this year I ran the Badab War Narrative campaign. Next post I'll photo dump the rest of the tables, but today I figured I would show just the photos of the zone mortalis tables. 



These photos show some of golden demon winner Tyler Mengel's astral claws. Check out his blog at

I was very excited going into the weekend that he would one of the players as I have been a fan of his work for awhile. He also. Supplied me with some great imagery for posters for the event. Hopefully we can work together and really spiff up, as I wrote in an email to him the "pomp and circumstance" for next year.


Now here is the most recent model I've finished, and his squad which has been done since last early spring for Darkstar 2014. Working out strategies on how to not lose every game at tournaments, I'm going to start trying more multiple small unit tactics. So I figured I should get the wolf scouts melta gunner done so they have a chance of roasting large vehicles.  

Friday, May 1, 2015

What is that distant sound? Is it... Thunder.

The thunder wolves are ready to ride out. They have been waiting a long time for this, so hopefully they get to run around a lot this weekend at the Darkstar GT in Roseville, MN. Tomorrow. 

Rexor & Thorgrim

You know, these guys...

Here is Almric Wolfeye the first rider I did for last years Darkstar to lead my pack of fenrisain wolves.

Finally the big man, my iron priest on a thunder wolf.

A parting group shot.

Adepticon day 1, part 2

So here we behold the golden throne by Brandon Palmer of GMM studio, you can catch a glimpse of the madman through the glass sitting at the table. It was used by Gerg Sparks team at the team tournament as their display board. Let's just say Sparks bought an expensive team tournament trophy with this.

Here we have one of my more memorable judging calls of the weekend. What you are looking at is a massive thunder wolf unit multi charging four units, all in different directions. I had to walk both players through how it's done in this ridicules situation.

Next door to them this was happening.

On to some Horus Hersey armies.

Here is a good portion of the armies for the Horus heresy tournament. Not one was slacking it in the hobbying department.

Hopefully I will have some hobby progress by the end of week, which I know you can't wait for.