Sunday, March 23, 2014

I shall return

Well Darkstar drained me little. The prep work getting 1400 points of army done, not fully done in my opinion little things are still to be finished, but. Sleep became an unaffordable luxury for a few weeks and slowly caught up with me. I though did come with an impressive army of note in my opinion, but yet no trophy... I know now what must be done for next year. I may also attempt to compete for a prize at Northstar, Darkstar's fantasy battles counterpart. This should be in November so will be hard to align with the Renegade open grand tournament, which I am staff on. But first before all I must survive Adepticon.

Here is a photo of the army five days before the tournament. The landraider was painted on the inside but not really touched on the outside. Then my rune priest and accompanying wolf guard.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Get in the Van!

Leather seats not included. Here is the grey hunters rhino ready to go on tour. First time I have done a sub-assembly to paint an interior of a vehicle. I will be doing the same with my land raider. I wanted to originally make the side doors open as well but time restraint and the condition of the rhino going
in decided to possibly just do that for the land raider more on that soon.