Monday, July 17, 2017

Realm Gate #1

I have been busy now that preparations for The Renegade Open 2017 has entered full speed with five months until weekend, and I have hundreds of terrain pieces to make. Having increased our 40k attendance to 96, and adding a 64 person Age of Sigmar event I have a lot to make, and just as much to plan for making in a large assemble line some time in early Fall. 

I want to give every fantasy table a cool center piece with at least five other large pieces, and at least every third table a realm gate. Being a long time fan of floating rocks, and islands long before they were hip I will be begin working on some of those soon. I will also hopefully by the end of year be returning to a long shelved project to let everyone know how much of an authentic floating island originality I am before all those hipsters ruined them.

First though let us take a look at the first realm gate I have finished.

The material being used is from insulation foam from a box of what I believe was sea food. While dumping garage at my apartment building I noticed an interesting box which sounded like it had foam in it. So of course I had to inspect, because I don't already have a storage unit in the basement full of foam. I wanted to use the natural shine of the foil with ghost tints, but cut the wrong corner and got some lettering on one side. So the next one I'll have to see if I can get a good section free of it. 

Here we have a scale shot. Hopefully silver tower guys will be making appearances on here sooner then later.

In progress shot before highlighting, and a finished portal effect. I airbrushed it silver, and then used a blue metallic to make the rippling effect. Sprayed it with a purple badger air ghost tint. I must have four of more layers on it to give it a good saturation.

Finally we have a glamor shot at Fantasy Filght Games 

After a few months of the blog sitting fallow I have a little back up of things to start posting between terrain so no excuses allowed on my end for not writing as I'll have more then enough now to post for awhile.