Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Gavran Crusade- Storytime part 2

The southern hemisphere of Capliros was beginning its slow rotation into winter. Vidar Windtalker could sense it on the slight breeze of early morning, the slight chill of night. This was good, he was Fenrisian, they knew much of winter. If the campaign went long the sons of Russ would advantage of this, hopefully the winters were harsh on this world. As the sun rouse in the east a red tint crept into to the dark sky of the fading night. The wind was slowly rising with it. Vidar could hear the whispers on the wind, death was rousing with the crimson sun. He recalled the ancient Fenrisian saying "Red sun at morning, sailor take warning." 

In his visions he had seen the foe, the crimson and black clad renegades of Huron Blackheart, the cast down tyrant of Badab. Now lord of the red cosairs. They had a large force of traitor guardsmen, militia, and mercenaries with them. They would strike a mining and drilling site, perhaps to take the field for resources, or just the supplies there. He rose from the rock outcropping he had been sitting upon and made for his bike. Running up to him was the young blood claw Asbjorn, his red hair still bright in the dim morning light. "Vidar, Vidar! The ravens! The ravens have returned!" Vidar coolly kept his path, acknowledging him "I know..." Asbjorn burning with the rising fires of battle "We ride?" He halted his pace, Vidar looking the young warrior in the eyes "We ride." The blood claw ran to rest of the pack yelling for them to get ready, they returned his command with a roaring cheer. Breaking the stillness of the morning with rushing armoured bodies, and revving engines.                                                                                                                                          

Vidar was undisturbed by the racket of his young charges, he still listened for fates the wind whispered to those who would listen. Then they descended from the sky "Caaww! Caaww!" His ravens landed around him, he lifted his arm for one to perch on. He stared in the birds eyes "I see yes..." Then took to mount his bike, the bird flapped from his arm to his backpack. Starting the bike, waking the machines spirit it roared awake. He turned to young pack "Ride like the wind! Listen to the death song it sings, listen well so that is not yours!"

The storm wolf, Stormbringer raced through the sky at low altitude. Converging on the mining site under attack. Brule could see the various forces moving in on the battle field from information transmitted from moon runner. The renegades were attacking with a large armoured convoy of siege tanks and mostly transports. Vidar's packs rode to intercept them as they began their attack. Just minutes ago Magni's grey hunter pack had made plant fall, the pod hitting precisely on target allowing them to take out the traitor vindicator, detonating its engine, and ordnance. But now were taking heavy fire from the enemy troops and transports, Brule couldn't will his aircraft to fly faster more then he did now. Boasting of glory was over now, this was the true day, when brave men can die, and too often do. Activating the comms to the pilot "Hardrada how far till contact?!" Over the rolling moorland of southern Capliros the iron priest could see the rising clouds of black smoke coming up fast. "Soon Lord, I can see the smoking destruction, make read- Whooaa!" The tension in Brule's voice rose "What is it?!", "Whatever it was it was large, a massive explosion." Brule breathed deep "we will go in hard and fast, make all way for the center of the armoured column, as near the pod as possible." He turned to the grey hunters about him "We shall charge as we did long ago as lads on the dragon ships when making land fall on the shore, before the boat stopped."

 Vidar's pack sped across the open land towards the heart of the enemies transports, using the burning hab block before the to cover their roaring advance. The flaming vindicator gave off another burst of flame, another shell erupting from the heat, and enemy fighters made another strafing run on the smoking ruin. Almuric's hounds making a similar maneuver, with the sky claws on their right flank leaping through the air from the cover of storage containers to a area of huge holding tanks. Just then he could hear the whistling sound of incoming ordnance. A sudden flash as it struck amongst the sky claws, hurling some of them through air, and then the blinding glare of the other shells igniting some of the promethium tanks deafening even the roar of guns, motorbikes, and tanks fighting to the death. Vidar know they had to engage the foe now to avoid the distant artillery. 

 As Vidar sought the futures in his mind, he sensed another drawing power from the immaterium. They both fought for a dominant grip, their wills waging an unseen battle. The blood claws began to take heavy fire now some having their bike Shoot out from under them from concentrated las fire, and plasma volleys. He gave up the duel of wills, as it was better to keep his head on his shoulders and his bike moving forward. 

Almuric pushed his pack forward the rhinos of renegade Astartes were ahead them, he could see a pare in the top hatch firing on his brothers. He would would rip them out one by one. Just then a slow glow, and then a bright flash near the rhino. Teleported from the gates of Morkai abroad moon runner it was Kojra the Rowanhandor, Morkai's berserker. He fired his combi-melta into the rhino, straight into the heart of its reactor, vaporizing the tank, the brilliantly illuminated blast pushed what was left of the disintegrated walls apart. But these traitors were still Astartes, most of them survived and began to pull themselves free, just as Almuric and his wolves let out a chilling howl, and descended upon them. 

From the sky came Stormbringer its weapons spitting death at the nearest chimera transport, it's beams of laser fire, and superheated gas cut the tank into multiple haves. The few occupants surviving stumbled out trying to put the flames burning them out. But it was not the only machine of the sky near, Hardrada interrupted his lords commands as he prepared his men "Lord Spearslayer, incoming enemy interceptors! Brace for evasive maneuvers." Brule ignoring his pilots warning, struck the red glowing rune of activation for the assault ramp "We are jumping, don't scuttle this ship just yet!" Wind blasted in around the men, as the door lowered the scene of flaming, smoking wreckage, the enemy running about, and Fenrisian Warriors charging in on them met his eyes "Russ brings retribution!"

Stormbringer's engines groaned as it entered hover mode so quickly from full flight speed, and an audible drone could be heard from the anti-grav drive as it fought the stormwolfs inertia. Brule and his retinue leapt from ramp while still while above the ground. Hitting the ground running they know the chimera transport in front of them had to be the command vehicle, the whole hull had the wicked eight pointed star of chaos paint in Crimson on its beaten black hull. it's destruction was paramount. As its turret swung to intercept them, two grey hunters with melta guns leveled their weapons at its hull and blasted molten holes in its armour. Brule and another grey hunter fired their plasma pistols into the turret, burning its multi laser to ash, followed by its gunner. 

With a scream from the sky came a squadron of renegade vendettas, blasting laser beams into the storm wolf. Hardrada shifted the craft trying to avoid the incoming fire, and place the strained vehicle in good position to retake the sky's. But was hit hard in one of the turbine engines knocking it out. All he could do was compensate for its loss, and pray to the omnissiah. 

Out from the smoking wreck of the chimera poured the command squad of the mercenary company, a hand full of men, and the hulking form of a renegade Astartes sorcerer. The Sons of Russ made no pause leaping upon the men, bounding across the defense wall before them, onto the smoldering wreck, and into the traitors. Brule took the lead thrusting his spear towards their black hearts, he called their master to die on its point. The mercenary captain strode forward, glowing runes glowed across his heavy armour as the sorcerer cast evil magics about him.  He swung a mono-edged saber common to officers of the guards mechanized companies, as he made calls for the dark gods to bless him. Brule responded with a flurry of attacks one after another each stab was push aside by the growing glow of the captains force field or speed of his sword. The rest of the melee went quickly as the renegades were quickly cut down by the wolves who out numbered them, with greater size and skill. Only the sorcerer remained who cut down several hunters before confronting Kilaim Gilzzar who quickly matched him, axe to axe and took off his head. Brule took notice of this, cursing him for taking the greater trophy in the first battle. He backed away from his foe "Your wizard is dead, you have nothing now to save you."

 Vidar's diminished pack rode straight into the dazed men as they fled their burning transport, cutting them down with blade or grinding them down under wheel. As quickly as it had begun, it was over. The impetuous youth were off seeking the next victims of their vengeance. A lone chimera severely damaged smoked in the distance, men rushed collecting boxes, and crates into piles onto pallets. They would be their next victims. The blood claws launched themselves at them, it seemed that all of the enemy forces were firing on them. When they were finally reached only Vidar rode, the rest of his young charges losing their iron steeds beneath them. He tossed a grenade into the tank blowing its tracks out and running down the first few men who stood against him. He swung his staff glowing with power crushing any man who still tried to stand against him. The few who didn't, ran from the scene fleeing for safety. He could see another Vendetta squadron approaching, he would have to make haste for cover or they would easily gun him down. He raced for a group of processing tanks straight ahead, but was caught in the open, the laser beams cutting his front wheel to pieces and throwing him far ahead onto the ground. The jets continued their strafing run on past him as he picked himself up. Just then one of his ravens flew to him "Caw! Caw!" Landing on his arm, Vidar looked over at his wrecked bike, and back to his bird "Our ride is over for today."

 The stormwolfs engines strained to regain the power to climb back into the sky. Hardrada had done all he could do, if he could only wait he would do what he could with it weapons. A lone chimera was stalled directly ahead of him, soldiers firing out its back hatch at Vidar's pack. He released its guns fury, leaving it a smoldering wreck. He saw the approaching enemy squadron, and the previous one which had damaged his vehicle swinging around again. He tried to push the machine, but was hit again losing all power to the engines crashing hard to the ground. He open the pilots canopy as fast as he could dosing the flames, cursing their numbers, and vowing vengeance for his damaged war machine.

Almuric's wolves crowded around the few remaining traitor marines, they died hard, not giving ground easy. But reinforcements were on the way, an enemy rhino pushed its way through the wrecks, he must end it now and intercept the rhino on his terms. He forced his way in past his hounds stabbing with his lance, his mount biting and clawing. The mob brought the Astartes down and finished them. Before it was over his pack was charging the approaching enemy. They responded by rushing out from the rhino bolters blazing at wild throng descending upon them. Almuric lowered his lance "Send forth your champion so he may died on my lances blade!" Roaring from the marines came the renegade leader of the warband. Chain blade swinging and screaming the praise of evil gods, only to have Almuric's lance transfix his primary heart, and mount crush his skull in slavering jaws. Then the hosts clashed, quickly both sides were thinned, the traitors gaining an advantage, but Almuric would not be pushed back. 

The enemy was dead save one, the company’s captain. The grey hunters backed away from their lords duel, knowing his anger if they were to interfere. Brule moved in to meet his foe again knocking aside sword strokes with the shaft of his spear, he made an opening with one of these blocks, and swung the butt of his spear into the renegades face, in the enemies daze he rammed his blade through his abdomen. Though the captain did not fall, transfixed he stood straight. Bellowing a gurgled roar as blood flowed from his mouth "I have been witnessed! They look upon me, and bless me! I send them blood, and skulls!" He lashed out at Brule, a flurry of slashes, and hacks. Blue sparks flew from his blows upon Brule's armour. Brule pulled his head away, and grabbed the blade with his left hand, bending the blade and pulling it across his opponent’s body. He drew himself up to the captain, letting go of the blade and crushing his throat "let me send you to hell, so you may thank them!" Then ripped his blade free, the motion cutting the renegades body almost into two, washing his legs and the ground in blood. A cheer came up from the fenrisians. 

All about them the battlefield was a mass of smoking wrecks, and the center the engulfed ruin of the hab block. Brule and his men could see past the wreck of the chimera to the west Almuric still fought the chaos marines. They rushed to his aid, the traitors tried to fight hard, but only died quickly so out numbered by the enemy. Kilaim approached Brule "the pirates aircraft are loading cargo to the east, shall we pursue?" Brule looked and saw them in the distance, the sons of Russ were well out gunned at such a distance "No let them have the scrapes of what they came for. They may make off with treasure, but they more then paid for it in blood." 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Gavran Crusade- Storytime part I

The model front has been very barren the last few weeks. I've got some terrain on the way, but it will have to be a lot of terrain soon. So today it's story time. Recently a campaign got under way I'm excited for so I've actually been writing a lot. Writing is generally the bane of life, or at least has been in my years, or eons as it feels in school. Hopefully the campaign will go the long road and I'll get to do more of this, or maybe not as the second piece I wrote went long. I hope they won't all be that long other whys I'll never get any models done this at this rate. But more on that next week.

As Brule Spearslayer walked the hall leading to the bridge of the strike cruiser Wolfborn, chapter serfs and thralls moved to the side of the astartes path. He wondered why he been called back from patrol amongst the Astroid belt. His lord and company had been hunting the ork pirates of war boss kogtoof for the last month. To his knowledge no other ship had been recalled. Before him now stood the blast doors to the bridge. Carved on its surface the sigil of the wolf that stalks between the stars. "Russ.." The fenrisian subconsciously summons the name in his mind. Amongst it is the carvings of a millennium of glory, the records of the ships victories in the black void of space. He taps the runes of opening upon the doors command panel, and enters to the vast chambers dim illumination. Rows upon rows of cogitators glowing screens, several decks high. Here and there holographs light the scene as well. All beneath the massive observation dome, and it's ancient star map etched into its meters thick diamond and reinforced glass surface. The systems distant sun shining beyond it. 

Brule could see's his lord Erik Morkai in council with his usual advisors. His twin brother, the diviner Irinst the Wise, the iron priest and sworn bodyguard Grom Hammerface, and the wolf priest Slaine Deathcaller. "Hail Lord Morkai!" Brule called out as he ascended the stairs to the command platform. Morkai looked away from the holograph projection of an unknown world to greet his battle leader, in his usual dour and direct tone "Spearslayer come." In dim light such as this Brule had always thought that Morkai's scared face, criss-crossed as much as the star chart above them must be much like the face of death himself. 

"Brule I have been given command by the great wolf to depart at once for a new campaign. We shall rendezvous with another great company, I know not who yet. We our in preparation now as you can see." Motioning to the holographic planet. "But I am not yet done with these orks. Kogtoof's treasure will be mine. So I will be sending you in lead to the system. You will conduct hit and run actions, raids, never let the enemy rest. Allow the other company to get stuck in. You shall take Vidar, his blood claws, and the young wolf priest Gregor the Young. Choose some of the grey hunter packs and a hand full of wolf guard... But Not Kull!" At this command  Brule was put aback. Kull, his blood brother, and trusted companion. "But why not-" Morkai with a raised hand of silence cutting him off "Because the two of you together are too easily off on a quest for glory! Which is where I need you most of the time. But! This is where I need you today. And tomorrow." Staring through the holograph, then to his twin, and back to Brule. "I would normally send my brother, or Balsac, but there talents are needed here." Without looking at his iron priest, but to some distant thought "Grom prepare the re-supply of Moon Runner, and load storm bringer." The Machine priest lifted his right arm, and with his left hand activated runes on the cogitator array on his gauntlet. He spoke to the array in the strange dull squeaking, beeping tongue of the Omnissiah. Then looking to his master, in the metallic tone of a voice long since fleshless. "It is already done Lord Morkai." Morkai looked up and moved over to the battle leader. Placing his hand on his armours pauldron. "Go now, choose your warriors. I am Erik Morkai, and you are my champion. Lead the sons of Morkai to victory, or death." 

With this he turned to his advisors, and continued their council. Brule descended the stairs, and made way for his ship to depart once again into the sea of stars, a warrior on his way to his next war.