Thursday, April 16, 2015

Adepticon day 1

Let's get back on track where I should have been a few weeks ago before school/work took over. 

First I would like to highlight an army I saw there which I had seen in development on the interwebs and was excited to see in person. This is the navigator household force of weirding way which has been appearing on Iron Sleet a blog everyone should be visiting. Here is the link to the navigator houses page from iron sleet invitational

On my hobby progress I have been working to finish my thunder wolves for the Dark Star GT. Here we the finished wolves, and the first step for the riders. With these guys I think I can keep myself off the bottom table this year. 

And here have some progress on a rider. I pull him off his painting stand and pluped him down on his steed just to get an encourageing view of the end result.