Monday, October 17, 2016

Titans shall stride the earth

Seeing if I can get though my back log of topics, and get caught up with where I'm at now. Which is partly behind because I have not much to show for the year. But on with the monumentus post we have here.

Going into Adepticon 2016 I was running the Badab War narrative events that I last posted about in September. Now the siege of the palace of thorns, which I was going off of the forge world mission, traitors gate from IA 9. This mission calls for the loyalist to have a reaver titan, which can be a road block for many. I was contemplating building a paper craft titan over the option of forge world resin as money is an asset I am lacking in. Though who wants to show up to Adepticon with something less then a big kid toy? But then I came across another source. After an Internet search of reaver images I found 

now this was more within a cost I could get behind currently being finically impaired, and with a deadline looming closer while working and going to school full time. Jim the man behind this wonder of the Omnissiah was in touch throughout the whole process as he finished casting parts and along the line once mailed. On arrival here we see the package.

And a glimpse of the face of the Omnissiah's wrath.

Into the bath goes the Titan.

Here we see the primed model in its various pieces for painting. You can see on one of the guns the pin I made from a wire coat hanger.

The initial base colors, next metal.

From a suggestion another Titan owner I know said, I tried silly putty as a masking tool. Here is the primary areas I need this, the carapace of the Titan. I'm painting it as a war griffon titan, this legion uses a mottled pattern on its upper carapace and did not want to try and fix any over spray.  

And finally, at least for now. You can see a scale shot of the beast. I'm contemplating on how to shade it, most likely an oil wash. I was able to talk to some people about possibilities over the Adepticon weekend. One of which was Brain Carlson who's team, the Adeptus Film Co. Always have impressive display told me a little about his first efforts, and his blog has a bit about it from one of his more recent uses of the technique. Check it out here