Friday, July 31, 2015

Projects, projects, projects.

Now that my summer class is done, and I have a month before school starts again let's see if I can get back to posting on here again with regularity. 

So first here is the small blood claw unit I made for WaaaghFest! along with Vidar. First you see the pack markings before and after cleaning. I tried to get a demonstration on how I do these free hand pack markings. Of course I forgot to take a photo of the penciled in marks before paint.

And the finished unit.

Hopefully this picture also shows I have better lighting in my new apartment.

Next are the long over due harlequins. They are priority right now to get caught up and done. Only seven left from this first batch. I'll base them all at once when finished. 

On the to do list I have an unfinished bane blade, knight titan, caestus assault ram, a Horus Hersey mechanicus army to assemble, and some my own models. Too many, oh so too many of my own projects. Did I mention Adepticon is only 244 days away.