Saturday, March 21, 2015

Adepticon before the storm

Dusk before the dawn of Adepticon 2015.

I've never been kept so busy at adepticon, nor so tired. After several weeks of long nights, early mornings, and both of those even more so at the con, I am beat. 

Here we have the pile of terrain as I began packing on Monday. I left the zone mortalis boards walls seperate from the tiles to reduce space consummation. I would also finish the final color for now at my friend Joe's house on Tuesday night to get a few hours off of my trip.

The new home of adepticon, the Marriott renaissance hotel.

Adepticon staff may be worked into the grave, but this is what some get to go sleep finally at the end of the day for a few hours.

Finally the main hall where most of action took place. This is 2/5th of the room, with the wall divides up. Fantasy, historical, most skirmish games were in two smaller rooms across the hall and privateer press on the second floor hall, and conference room.

Then the next day...

Monday, March 16, 2015


Adepticon the time of champions comes in just days. Here is an assortment of the various terrain projects I've been working on the last couple days for the soon to be legendary Badab War event.

Here we have the tiles for the zone mortalis boards drying after priming with gesso. I took a few wrong directions with these, and a lot in total with the whole project. But as usual many useful lessons learned. 

The measured out wall sections.

So I had to make three landing pads just for one mission. Annoying but I think it should be one the funnest. Did I mention there is twenty four different missions? That's right one mission not one table.

Landing zone secure.

Here we see one major lesson learned. Used screen door mesh for flooring on tiles. Don't use metal mesh, use carbon fiber. Measured out sections and adhered with spray adhesive, went too far with additional glue to secure to tile. This will strengthen the bound but added time is questionable. We'll just skip the details it's better that way.

So Friday I was all ready for an additional day of work, hobby work, not WORK work. Had to go in and clean paint off of AstroTurf. It took nine hours. I did learn though that if you want to paint your turf, mix in detergent with the paint. This will prevent the paint from fully adhering. That was not the cause here.  

After that little sideways jont, here we see where I'm at roughly today. The walls are not glued down yet, I think I will wait till arrival in Chicago to do that for time, and storage.

Lastly large scatter terrain, and interior machinery for mortalis boards.

I'll be trying to post something everyday at Adepticon so please check back to see the happenings at the greatest place on earth, and don't worry I'll annoyingly remind you on social media as much as I can.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The time grows short

In our last installment we saw the beginning of a grand adventure into hobby madness and obsession. Continuing with that theme, and the Executioners that I have finished for now. I have one half of my assault terminators.  

And here is the mass currently being worked on for my Badab War event at Adepticon.

And the start of the zone mortalis tables. I hopefully will photograph this frequent enough to give an adequate tutorial once finished.