Thursday, February 25, 2016

Filtering with distraction

Finally get back to the blog and throw some thing’s I have been working on up. I’ve been keeping busy besides work and school, the silly parts of life you let obstruct the important jobs to be done.

Lets start with the sidetrack into chaos, the wonders of the dark prince, and his beauties. Before work became too busy for the so called “slow period” of the year I was headed to a little hobby event called WaaghPaca. I was going to play in the warhammer 40,000 narrative event. Since there was a bulk of imperial players I decided I would build a quick Slaanesh force. The event was a 1000 points, and I have had a collection of deamons waiting for the right time. Here we have some of the Deamonettes done and others getting base coated.

Some photos from Renegade Open 2015

Lastly a big one being worked on right now.