Friday, February 17, 2017

Beginning of the green guys

So what have I been doing the last couple months? I've been waiting for a package from a recent Kickstarter to arrive before I took any photos of my recent projects. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. That package would be a macro mat from TableWar! Below you can see an example of a packaged and shipped macro mat. I include this as its a funny comparison to another package I had been waiting a long time for.

That would be an order from Forgeworld. Some of which I needed for WaaaghPaca. You'll get to see the photo dump of WaaaghPaca next week. So this arrived a week after WaaaghPaca, hand delivered by a postal worker in a plastic bag which let me know they care. Because the bag said so. I had ordered this just a few weeks before Christmas so I assume it had an avalanche of Christmas packages crash down on it, and then was thrown in package refugee purgatory until they remembered that it was there, and finally delivered. All contents were in pristine condition a Heresy red book, and the rest blister packs. I think a larger, looser kit may have been broken, but these are tough little boxes so no damage. 

One of my assistants inspecting the structural damage.

So I really now have to get a better lighting arrangement since I have a fancy back drop but we will proceed with what is at hand. This was the first five Salamanders I painted to test out how this army will proceed. Some sampling of backpack variations, and gold accents.  


How's this for pro photography set?

Lastly a few legion tactical marines in process. 

WaaaghPaca coverage next week, and some more green guys.