Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dreadnoughts in the snow

A friend ended up with with guy just assembled and thought I could paint it, and he would see about selling it on the internet. 

Here we have a base coated model ready for detail work.

Jump ahead all the way you see the model just before getting its fresh blanket of snow

And here we have the finished model with gale force 9 snow. Now let's see how much Jake can get for this guy.

And a preview of what's to start coming as Adepticon nears.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Stormwolf process

I have finished my stormwolf, and now you can join me on a trip through its construction.

Here I have all of the pieces laid out in the state at which I will begin painting them in. 

I found I was unsure of how the aircraft was to sit a top the flight stand. Just inserting them together left it lop sided, and drooping. So I rigged up this sprue stop, or whatever you would call this. I then pinned the stand so it would insert with the model with some more support.

Here we see the iron priest finished in his cockpit all ready to take off, he had to wait a while though still.

Now with the control panel finished I was ready to insert the pilot into the top panel of the stormwolf.

With this part done I will now paint the inside of the cargo hold. Once that's finished I will be able to seal up the body of model and begin painting the rest of the model.

Imperial vehicles make your best friend the humble rubber band. I covered the canopy with tape, and have not yet glued it in place. This will be one of the last steps. It is blue tacked in place right now.

Here is a shot of the interior, I forgot to get one earlier.

Jump some time ahead. I have all the base colors, and washes done. Now on to highlights, and weathering. You can see what I've done with the base using a two part epoxy I got to try out from a wonderful Smooth On employee who was running their booth last year at adepticon. I cut out two layers of foam core, then penciled on an outline. After seeing how well the stand fit in, and getting it snug I applied the epoxy. I'm leaving the stand free for transport. But now to jazz it up alittle.

So the base is large, and I didn't want to leave it with just rocks and grass. So my idea was have wolves running beneath it. To give it action, and motion. Defiantly need to get a proper photo set up, having a hard time getting a big guy like this lite.

So here is the finished model. Jumping again into the future quickly. I'll add some more insignia later in a few spots, but otherwise I'll call it good.

Finally a look at the base.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Slow progress

This guy I actually did about the same time as Erik Morkai, just after I finished him. Since then in the few games I've played these two have been reaping a heavy toll on the enemies of humanity.
He is also one of the longest owned models I have.

Finally getting near the finish on the storm wolf. Just clean up then the highlighting, and finish it off with some freehand and decals.

And finally a little distraction that is on my mind because I will be running a game at Adepticon on Friday. This is my command squad for the Executioners project in which I will be building the entire 3rd company. 

I still have some puddy work to do on the standard bearer, but I should finish a certain plane first, and thunder calvery before I sucked in the wrong direction.