Thursday, March 16, 2017

WaaghPaca 2017 pt.2

Behold the stunning vistas of WaaghPaca. I failed to capture the 40k terrain as I was playing, and caught up in the action. All of a sudden it came to tear down for fantasy. But take my word for it they were stunning. Forgot to post last week with the busy schedule at school, and planning for the Renegade Open 2017, also there is this event coming up called Adepticon, you may have heard of it. 5 days to go, whole five days. But lets not delay, and head off into the wondrous wilds of WaaghPaca.


Now we get to some of the Infinity tables. These are some of the tables produced by Rodge form the Point Hammered podcast, and the Mean Wisco Boys, formerly the Handsome Point Boys. These tables are fantastic. They feel like a real place, some of them are made to represent a particular district such as laundry, or urban livestock. Forget the flashy clean worlds of modern sci-fi/anime, your stepping in Blade Runner, or Mega City One. The bright future we should have had.

I will be stealing some ideas here for Renegade this year from both events. Expect to start seeing those post some time in June. Not far enough away.

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